Japanese cuisine ryokan Koudaiji Yoshinoya
Kyoto Cuisine Ryokan·Michelin Guide publishing store for 10 consecutive years

【Official】Japanese cuisine ryokan Koudaiji Yoshinoya

Hotel Facilities

  • Rooms·Guide within facilities

    ◆ In-house facilities
      ◇ vending machine
      ◇ Big bath…… Water cooler
             toothbrush·Shower cap·A shave(T shape)·Amenities such as
             shampoo·rinse·Body Soap·Facial cleanser·Toner etc.
             Face towel reserve

    ◆ Guest Room Equipment
      ◇ yukata·bath towel·Face towel
      ◇ Facial cleanser·Toner etc.
      ◇ toothbrush·A comb·Swab·A shave(T shape)·Amenities such as
      ◇ Hairdryer
      ◇ TV·Air condition·Electric kettle pot
      ◇ Refrigerator (In-room drinks are charged.)

    ◆ Other
      Humidifier rental is also available.
      Since there are limited numbers, I will be on first come, first served basis.
      Thank you for your understanding.
  • Counter bar

    With a calm space of counter type
    Please spend relaxing time drinking coffee.
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Hotel Name

Japanese cuisine ryokan Koudaiji Yoshinoya


528 Washiocho, Shimogawara, Kitamonzen-dori, Kodaiji, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City Kyoto Prefecture

Telephone number



By train: 8 minutes walk from Kyoto station and City Bus Gion from City Bus Gion.car:Meishin Kyoto East IC 20 min
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It is the scent of culture and history "in the middle of Higashiyama", surrounded by greenery "environment location Kyoto No. 1"

  • This ryokan was honored at "Kyoto-like accommodation facility recognition awarded in Heisei era FY2004" organized by Kyoto City Industry and Tourism Bureau.

  • 10 years in a row! 【Very comfortable inn】

    In the "Michelin Guide Kyoto · Osaka + Tottori 2019" inn,
    "Kyoto Cuisine Ryokan YOSHINOYA Kyoto Cuisine Ryokan, Koudai Temple YOSHINOYA, YOSHINOYA"
    For the 10th consecutive year, it has been published as "Very comfortable inn".
  • Michelin Guide

    In the French Michelin (tire company) issued guide book, Michelin French tire company began to be issued a handy guide book to automobile travel in the 1900s.
     After that, restaurants and hotels came to be graded, and in November 2007, the first edition of the "Tokyo Version", which will be issued for the first time outside Europe and the United States, was almost sold out and 120,000 copies of the first edition were almost sold out and it became a big topic.
     The way the media picks up is also large, it is known as a guidebook with high attention, including media.
     In Japan as well, the Michelin Guide Kyoto · Osaka 2010 has been released as a Kansai Version 2009 and released every year, and in 2017 "Michelin Guide Kyoto

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